Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal infrastructure encompasses a myriad of essential elements for a thriving community. These elements range from the intricate network of roads, buildings, lush green spaces, and parks to the critical aspects of water supply, wastewater treatment, stormwater management, and the meticulous planning and execution of residential and commercial developments.

Reliable, expandable, and responsibly funded infrastructure is essential, encompassing both above- and below- ground elements for seamless functionality.

Those who live with quality infrastructure know its worth. Dependable water supply and sanitary services support healthy and prosporous communities. Well-designed roadway systems provide safety for residents. Green space and parks provide opportunities for residents and neighbors to gather. All of these things together with citizen engagement create an opportunity for a strong sense of community.

Municipal infrastructure services help define the character of its cities and neighborhoods. Let HEI help you define yours.

Our team provides solutions for safe, sustainable communities through:

  • Wastewater and storm sewer conveyance
  • Water treatment, storage, and distribution
  • Stormwater studies and planning
  • Stormwater facilities
  • Parks, trails, and recreational facilities
  • Community and land use planning
  • Landscape architecture
  • Street, road, and highway
  • Lift and pumping stations
  • Site planning
  • Grant writing and administration
  • Residential, mixed-use, and commercial design


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