Construction Administration

Construction Administration

HEI has developed a specialized protocol for construction administration services that we have successfully implemented on numerous projects. The field protocols have proven to work well to support the primary goal of construction administration—ensuring projects are constructed as designed while equitably maintaining clear roles and responsibilities for all parties involved. HEI has adopted this model as a standard for all types of construction projects to provide the highest possible quality for completed work.

Our construction administration services include:

  • Contract document interpretation and adherence
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly progress reporting
  • Daily progress quantity review with contractor
  • Detailed color-coded record drawings
  • Detailed prebid and preconstruction meetings
  • Digital photograph record of construction process
  • Field measurement collection
  • Pre- and post-construction ancillary damage recordation
  • Project website development and hosting for information sharing
  • Weekly or biweekly digitally recorded progress meetings

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