At HEI, we pride ourselves on finding smart connections that produce resilient, cost-effective solutions for managing stormwater in your community. Our team is driven to develop innovative solutions to help our clients work smarter, such as automating an iron-enhanced sand filter (IESF) system or using our custom suite of modeling tools for data-driven decisions. Our team helps our partners manage their water resources and overcome complex challenges that they face. We are here for you, whether you need to stay on track toward meeting MS4 reporting requirements, make progress toward water quality goals and regulations, improve water quality in your lakes and streams, or reduce the increasing risk of flooding.

Water Quality Assessments

Green stormwater infrastructure is more than managing stormwater – it invigorates your community with ecological habitat, economic benefits, and even health benefits. Watershed planning and assessments are a great start to help you plan for future needs. This may include an inventory your stormsewer and best management practices (BMPs), water quality modeling, calculating pollutant loads and reductions, and identifying treatment goals. That data can then be leveraged to plan for future infrastructure with HEI’s unique GIS targeting methods that are informed by model results. This type of assessment will give you feasible, cost-effective solutions to address the stormwater issues.

Flood Protection and Climate Resilience

Flooding is occurring in many communities because existing stormsewer infrastructure was designed based on historic rainfall. Increasing rainfall intensity is exacerbating issues such as erosion, culvert washout, or damage to buildings. Detailed 1D and 2D hydrologic and hydraulic analysis (flood modeling) can quantify the flood risk in your community. HEI’s extensive modeling team can map the flood extent to identify buildings, homes, and streets at risk for flooding. Assessments like this will help you plan for capital improvement projects to protect the most vulnerable populations.

Stormwater Infrastructure Solutions

Innovative engineering is needed to create more resilient infrastructure to protect our communities. We work to gain an understanding of your needs to bring together the common interest of the parties involved throughout the design process. HEI will start with a broad array of design options in feasibility stages, assess practical options, optimize design parameters, and select the design that meets the project goals while maximizing the cost-benefit. That will provide you with the right project, meeting your needs.

Stormwater Data Management

Your stormwater data needs a virtual manager. MS4Front is the cloud-based software tool that is customizable to manage your organization’s stormwater. It’s ideal for tracking MS4 records, stormwater permits, or maintenance activities. Our water resource engineers work with our software developers, creating a platform that meets the needs of stormwater managers across the country.

Our services include:

  • Watershed Management and Planning
    • Writing, facilitation, and engagement
    • Project conceptualization and feasibility
    • Project funding
    • Stormwater permitting
  • Flood and Climate Resilience
    • 1D and 2D surface water modeling
    • Erosion stabilization
    • Design and implementation
    • Weather adaptive technologies
  • Stormwater Treatment
    • Water quality modeling
    • Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI)
    • Rain gardens, ponds, and subsurface treatment
    • Best management practices (BMPs) design and construction
    • Iron-enhanced sand filters (IESFs) and emerging filtration media
    • Capture and reuse
    • Real-time logic and remote sensing
  • Technology
    • Smart stormwater infrastructure (adaptive control and automation)
    • Geospatial (GIS) modeling, mapping, and analysis
    • Web/mobile application development

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