David, Oltz, and Strong Earn Professional Engineer Licenses

Congratulations to the following staff on earning their Professional Engineer (PE) licenses: Ryan David, Cody Oltz, and Paul Strong. Learn more about them below.

David, Oltz - Houston Engineering Inc. Team

Ryan David

Ryan David is a civil engineer serving clients from HEI’s Bismarck office. He is actively involved in project design, drafting, document preparation, and construction observation on a variety of projects. In addition, Ryan was a licensed water plant operator and has experience in the operation and maintenance of water plant systems and equipment. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family and going on adventures, especially outdoors.

Fun Facts

  • Family and Pets: Married to his wife, Ashley, have a daughter, Eleanor (1 year), and owns two bed-hogging English Springer Spaniels, Max and Bailey.
  • Most Memorable Place Visited: Disneyworld
  • Most Memorable Concert: Garth Brooks at the Fargodome
  • Cheers for the NDSU Bison, Green Bay Packers, and New York Yankees
  • Favorite Podcast: The MeatEater
  • Currently Reading: The Montessori Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Nurturing Your Baby with Love, Respect, and Understanding
  • Top Destination on Bucket List: Alaska
  • Random Fact: I was a traveling knife salesperson for eight days
  • I’m excited to be part of the HEI team because our clients provide us with amazing projects to challenge our hardworking staff

Oltzc Web22 R - Houston Engineering

Cody Oltz

Cody Oltz is a civil engineer serving clients from HEI’s Fargo office. Cody specializes in water resources and modeling services that support flood protection, transportation, and site development projects throughout the region. Outside of work, Cody enjoys hockey, hunting and fishing, exercising, and learning new skills.

Fun Facts

  • Most Memorable Place Visited: Florida Keys
  • Favorite Podcasts: The Power Trip Morning Show and Spittin’ Chiclets
  • Currently Reading: One Piece series
  • Random Fact: I worked as a Zamboni driver through college
  • I’m excited to be part of the HEI team because of the variety of projects I have had the chance to work on and the supportive, employee-centric culture.

Strongpwebr - Houston Engineering

Paul Strong

Paul Strong is a civil engineer serving clients from HEI’s Fargo office. Paul’s six years of engineering experience on a variety of hydrology and hydraulics, environmental, solid waste management, and site design projects has given him the knowledge to comprehensively assess projects to ensure that exceptional results are achieved. Outside of work, Paul enjoys cooking, athletics, tinkering, and traveling.

Fun Facts

  • Family: Married to wife, April
  • Most Memorable Concert: Concordia College Christmas Choir
  • Enjoys listening to Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Halsey
  • Favorite Food: Indian and Japanese curry
  • Favorite Podcast: Practical Engineering by Grady Hillhouse
  • Currently Reading: The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
  • Currently Watching: The Crown
  • Special Talents: Baking, horticulture, and metalworking
  • I’m excited to be part of the HEI team because of the interesting and varied projects, friendly coworkers, and opportunities for growth
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