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Burleigh County Risk MAP

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Burleigh County Risk MAP

On August 16, federal, state, and local officials hosted a public open house along with Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) to discuss the Burleigh County floodplain map. This open house allowed citizens to view their preliminary floodplain maps, ask and provide comments, and learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program. Nic Cullen and Gregg Thielman helped facilitate the public meeting along with other staff from HEI providing support. 

HEI's team was proud to help support this public input meeting along with members from the North Dakota Department of Water Resources, FEMA, the City of Bismarck, and several other organizations.

Public input meeting
Left photo: Nic Cullen (far left) and Gregg Thielman (at the computer) help a resident with questions. 
Right photo: (Pictured left to right) Gregg Thielman, Tyler Paul, Nic Cullen, and Wyatt Bonnell helped facilitate and support the public input meeting. 


More About the Project

 As part of North Dakota’s floodplain mapping program, HEI was selected to complete a Risk MAP project for Burleigh County, ND. The project includes performing hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and modeling, floodplain mapping work, and related tasks in accordance with FEMA’s Standards for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping and applicable guidance documents and technical references. The work is being completed for inclusion in future DFIRM map products.
The FY 2018 Risk MAP project for Burleigh County includes detailed flood insurance studies (FIS) for 38.6 miles of the Missouri River, 19 miles of Hay Creek, 38.6 miles of Apple Creek, 1.5 miles of Burnt Creek, and 10.6 miles of Random Creek. It also includes approximate FIS on a portion of Burnt Creek and an unnamed watercourse in the city of Wing.

Duties performed by HEI included field survey, topographic data collection, basemap acquisition, hydrologic analyses, hydraulic analyses, floodplain mapping, and outreach. Hydrologic analyses utilized the HEC-HMS and XP-SWMM computer programs, along with discharge-frequency analysis using USGS Stream gage data and USGS Regional Regression Equations. The hydraulic analyses used the HEC-RAS computer program and included an ice jam analysis for the Missouri River.
The project area includes 47 townships within Burleigh County.