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2024 ASFPM Conference

The 2024 Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) Conference is taking place in Salt Lake City, UT, June 23rd-27th. HEI’s Greg Thompson is gearing up for an exciting presentation with Albert Schmidt from the City of Sioux Falls to present on their citywide 2D BLE modeling process. The presentation is titled “A Proactive Approach to Floodplain Management Using 2D BLE Models,” and will be on Thursday, the 27th. This ongoing effort is a testament to HEI’s commitment to innovative solutions in floodplain management and their ongoing partnership with municipal entities to enhance community resilience.

The conference, a key event for floodplain management professionals, is an excellent platform to demonstrate this modeling effort and share insights from the team’s collaborative efforts. It’s an opportunity to not only highlight the technical aspects of the process, but also to underscore the importance of proactive floodplain management to protect both city and private infrastructure.

Greg and Albert’s presentation is sure to be a highlight of the conference! Their talk on the 2D BLE modeling effort will reflect well on HEI’s dedication to excellence and leadership in the field of water resources engineering.

Learn more about this conference on ASFPM’s website.

Learn more about HEI’s modeling services.

HEI's Presentation at the 2024 ASFPM Conference

2024 Asfpm Conference Presentation
2024 ASFPM Conference
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