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Software Products

HEI currently has two software as a service (SaaS) products available: MS4Front and DrainageDB. Learn more about these products below.

MS4 Front


MS4Front is a comprehensive data management platform that integrates data entry form creation, reporting, GIS visualization, and mobile data collection. MS4Front integrates with ArcGIS™ Online, ArcGIS™ Enterprise, Field Maps and Survey 123℠ to leverage our clients’ existing Esri licensing while adding specific domain value to our implementations. The software solution was originally developed for cities and counties to manage their activities and reporting for a MS4 permit and is still in use for that purpose with clients across the US.

HEI is continuing to expand our clients using the platform as well as how they use it. Today, we have clients using MS4Front to manage regulatory permit programs, cost-share grant programs, capital improvement projects, facilities, and conservation implementation. Our clients have found tremendous value in our platform’s configurability, ease of use, and integration with other platforms. We are excited to expand the platform’s use and to work with clients to improve their workflows and make their tasks easier.

Attend a free demo and learn more on MS4Front’s website.



DrainageDB is a comprehensive web-based drainage management portal to help you manage public drainage systems or drainage districts. Our web-based solution allows organizations to track legal proceedings, inventory systems, manage repairs, report violations, store historic documents, and complete inspections through the integration with Esri’s ArcGIS platform. DrainageDB also offers a public portal for sharing information with landowners. This makes our unique solution a one-stop-shop for managing information related to drainage systems or drainage districts. Contact us today for a demo to learn more about the software solution.

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