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Dale Carnegie Graduates Fall 2023

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Dale Carnegie Graduates Fall 2023

Congratulations to our recent Dale Carnegie graduates: Rachel Smith and Bethany Fraase! HEI is proud to invest in our employees’ professional growth, one example is offering our staff training opportunities with Dale Carnegie

Learn more about the graduates’ experience below. 

Photos are courtesy of Dale Carnegie.

Award-Winning Participation

In addition to completing the program, Rachel and Bethany also earned awards!

Rachel received the Human Relations Award (above)

Bethany received the Breakthrough Award (above)

Testimonials from the Graduates

"From the very first session, the Dale Carnegie course teaches you skills that can easily be implemented into both your professional and personal life. Our instructor, and the other participants, do a great job of encouraging you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and grow from week-to-week. Overall, the course taught me easy-to-understand and practical ways to help reduce stress, better communicate with others, and how to be a more effective leader in my role at HEI. I am thankful to HEI for providing me the opportunity to take the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to grow not only professionally but personally as well." -Rachel Smith

"The skills and experiences you take away from the Dale Carnegie program are invaluable. The course enables you to reach new heights in your personal and professional development by instilling you with confidence and teaching you how to be an effective leader. You are challenged to break out of your comfort zone and held accountable for practicing the principles outside of the classroom. The benefits you gain by going through the Dale Carnegie program are endless, so if you want to improve your communication and leadership skills, while also learning powerful techniques to managing your stress, consider signing up for the class!" -Bethany Fraase