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Corporate Leads

Corporate Leads
LeDoux, PE, Jeff
Jeff LeDoux, PE
Jeff has been the President and CEO of HEI for more than a decade and has provided consulting services in practically all areas of civil engineering for nearly 40 years. Under Jeff's leadership, our firm has grown from five offices and 60 employees to more than 230 employees in nine offices in four states serving clients locally, regionally, and nationally.
Eilertson, PE, Cody
Cody Eilertson, PE
Director of Operations
Cody joined HEI in 2015 as our first Director of Operations. While his role is varied, he uses more than 20 years of experience in project controls, design, development, and management to lead our office managers and develop and enhance our firm’s internal processes and daily operations.
Seminary, Mike
Mike Seminary
Business Development Manager
Mike has more than 25 years of business development, strategic public communications development, and consensus building experience. He leads HEI’s business development and assists with clients’ public relations efforts.
Stroh, Brenda
Brenda Stroh
Since 2008, Brenda has been leading our accounting team to ensure we are in compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), meeting our audit requirements, and showing a healthy bottom line each year.
Erickson, Lois
Lois Erickson
Human Resources Manager
Lois knows what good talent is and has been helping our team grow since she joined our firm in 2013. She leads our recruiting strategy and retention plan to foster a culture where employees want to work each day and manages our employees' excellent compensation and benefits package that helps retain our talented team.
Disrud, Naomi
Naomi Disrud
Communications Manager
Naomi is no stranger to the art of the written word. She oversees a team that provides marketing, technical writing and editing, and communications support to our firm's team in meeting our business development goals.
Joarnt, Heidi
Heidi Joarnt
Senior Communications Specialist
Heidi can capture and tell the story of a project through visuals alone. With expertise in marketing and public relations, Heidi serves as the companywide lead and point-of-contact for advertising and marketing campaigns, website and social media content, newsletters and brochures, and media outreach.
Barth, Josh
Josh Barth
IT Manager
Josh leads an IT team of experts that assists employees' day-to-day IT needs as well as maintains the network and security infrastructures.