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Public Drainage

Public Drainage Public Drainage
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Public Drainage

HEI's team has more than 40 years of experience working with public drainage authorities — in fact, our experts even led the update to the Minnesota Public Drainage Manual.  

Public drainage management typically follows a common life cycle. Following this cycle is critical to completing your projects effectively and efficiently — miss a step, and you can incur delays, increase project costs, or incur litigation. We assist drainage authorities and stakeholders with all phases of the life cycle.

Public Drainage Life Cycle

A successful drainage system needs thorough record keeping to facilitate the acquisition of permits, and HEI will help you with your records through:
  • Determination of the As-Constructed and Subsequently Improved Condition (ACSIC)
  • Drainage Proceedings for the Correction of the Public Drainage System Record
  • Drainage Records Database (DrainageDB) — our customizable database that makes record keeping a breeze!
Regular inspection is required by law, but it can bring the practical benefit of avoiding high-cost repairs. Some of the inspection services we provide include:
  • Engineer’s reports for public drainage system repairs, improvement projects, and new drainage systems
  • Drone inspections to optimize your resources while saving you money
Financing is an essential aspect of drainage management. HEI can help you win funding for your projects, estimate project costs, and save you money!
  • Help obtain the Multipurpose Drainage Management Grant Application
  • Educated opinion of probable construction costs for your drainage projects
  • GIS and engineering assistance to viewers, which saves the viewer’s time and increases the equitability of benefits determinations
The policy and permitting step doesn’t have to be as painful as it seems. HEI will guide you through this process to keep you and your drainage systems compliant.
  • Presentations for stakeholders, hearings, and appeals
  • Regulatory engagement and permit applications
  • Local and statewide policy assistance
  • Expert witness testimony
We will assist you throughout your project life cycle with:
  • Construction plans, specifications, bid documents, staking, and observation
  • Design of drop structures, chute spillways, bio-engineering applications, and other best management practices
  • Multipurpose drainage management design

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