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Municipal infrastructure involves more than paved streets and flowing sewer lines. Cities need infrastructure that they can not only rely on but easily expand, infrastructure that is aesthetically pleasing and can be funded without emptying the coffers.

Those who live with quality infrastructure know its worth. Green space and other public lands, for example, provide opportunities for residents and neighbors to come together, creating a strong sense of community.  And well designed roadways and intersections provide safety for those residents and ease otherwise grueling traffic problems.

Municipal infrastructure helps define the character of its cities and neighborhoods. Let us help you define yours.

Our municipal engineers produce designs and solutions for:
  • Sanitary and storm sewer
  • Water storage and distribution
  • Stormwater studies and planning
  • Stormwater facilities
  • Water and wastewater planning and treatment
  • Parks, trails, and recreational facilities
  • Community and land use planning
  • Street, road, and highway
  • Lift and pumping stations

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