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Watershed Planning

Watershed Planning Watershed Planning
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Watershed Planning

As more and more states tackle issues with water quality and quantity, these concerning problems have been met by an enthusiastic commitment for improvements. Solutions that establish greater water management responsibility and resiliency. Reaching goals for water quality and nutrient reduction will require a lot of localized efforts and commitment from stakeholders. We all own a piece of the responsibility and must work toward common goals.

Watershed planning provides the opportunity to combine and amplify positive results through an integrated, multi-benefits approach. Such an approach can provide holistic watershed management by addressing both flood resilience and water quality in the same plan. 

At HEI, our passion for watershed planning drives successful water management and water quality solutions across the landscape. We combine science-based assessments with stakeholder engagement to strategize implementation of the most effective practices and solutions to water management. Our team is specifically focused on broadening partnership opportunities to develop solutions that make the most sense for a watershed.

In addition to prioritizing projects, we can also present a structure to measure and promote progress toward larger water quality goals. Through our innovative and progressive planning approach, we can help clients build more resilient and cohesive communities, invest wisely for the most project benefits, and help ramp up conservation efforts by engaging the right stakeholders. 

Some of our service offerings related to watershed planning include:
  • Benefits analysis for both water quality and flooding 
  • Facilitation/stakeholder engagement
  • Targeted implementation plans
  • Plan writing   

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