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Water Quantity Guidance

Water Quantity Guidance Water Quantity Guidance
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Water Quantity Guidance

In American Agriculture, many deal with the delicate balance between having too much water and not having enough. Excess water can cause flooding to cropland, transportation infrastructure, and food production facilities. This leads to reduced productivity and a costly disruption to the supply chain. Further, water racing over farmlands can cause soil erosion, stripping the land of the nutrient rich layer needed to produce crops. To compound this issue, soil erosion often leads to more flooding as the land loses its ability to absorb water.

Many farmers can also experience the opposite extreme, lacking the basic water supply needed to irrigate crops. Extreme drought has particularly plagued farmers in the western states, but a reliable source of water is an issue for agriculture nationwide.

As a firm specializing in water, HEI has experience with the multiple components of water quantity including flood control and water supply. Whether you’re facing issues of too much or too little, HEI offers services ranging from analysis and planning to the construction of structural solutions.  

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