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Water Quality Guidance

Water Quality Guidance Water Quality Guidance
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Water Quality Guidance

Water quality continues to be a hot topic across the country and this buzz will only continue to grow. We all rely on safe and reliable water to drink, to enjoy recreationally, and as a priceless natural resource for future generations.

American Agriculture is just as engaged in this topic. Amidst the conversation and complexity, all stakeholders and the general public crave credible information and common sense solutions.

HEI has a long history rooted in agricultural water quality and quantity problem solving. By engaging this history, we are continuously looking for new ways to bring together diverse partners from across the conservation and agricultural community, and across the country. These new conversations can also change the current dialogue, driving unique, new solutions.

Our team brings decades of experience working on a local level to study and address critical water issues. Through this work, we find what matters most is having honest, transparent conversations that bring all stakeholders to the table. Providing the most valuable information in an understandable way can lead to significant changes on the landscape.

Only through this objective guidance-- studying credible science and facilitating a discussion around it – can we realize common solutions and change the conversation for the better.

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