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Targeting & Building Practices

Targeting & Building Practices Targeting & Building Practices
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Targeting & Building Practices

In American Agriculture, conservation practices are a well-known solution. Building practices on farmland is a proven way to improve water quality. Not only can results be realized on a local level, but when multiplied, practices can impact positive change for areas as far away as our rivers and waterways travel.

HEI was part of a public-private partnership* that developed a revolutionary technology solution, known as the Prioritize, Target, and Measure Application (PTMApp). This application can provide new answers to standard questions about the effectiveness of practices. Using this tool, we can now arm decision-makers with key information, including a targeted list of practices, maps and information shown at a field-scale level, and even operational cost estimates for these projects. Not only can we study how well practices can improve downstream water quality, but we can indicate how well the practices will work to keep sediment and nutrients on fields.

This information gives conservation efforts never-before-seen clarity, allowing us to collaboratively speed up these vital projects by giving landowners the details they need to make important decisions. Once solutions are selected, we can work with landowners and key advisors to develop a plan for implementation.

* PTMApp is the vision of a public-private partnership led by the International Water Institute. Partners include the Red River Watershed Management Board, the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, and Houston Engineering, Inc.

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