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GIS Development & Web/Mobile Software Development

GIS Development & Web/Mobile Software Development GIS Development & Web/Mobile Software Development
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GIS Development & Web/Mobile Software Development

As our society moves into an increasingly data-driven, digital realm, technology needs in agribusiness continue to grow. Technology is used from tractors to grain elevators, with a large volume of data used at all stages of food production. Farmers enter data from the field and need simple reporting tools.  Commodity groups need to track large amounts of information, particularly on conservation practices. Businesses must manage key sustainability data related to their products. All the while, the public continues to demand information in a mobile-friendly format fitting our fast-paced world.

HEI builds computer technology specifically customized to American Agriculture’s needs. We can take data from existing sources and help make sense of it, helping clients to better tell their conservation stories. From complex geospatial databases to mobile applications, we can help make sense of all of the data available from a multitude of sources.

Our in-house team of programmers and geographic information systems (GIS) specialists work side-by-side with engineers, scientists, and policy experts. This unique collaboration shapes diverse solutions that meet the critical needs of members along the supply chain.

HEI is able to fully customize solutions to your organization’s business need, with results that are highly functional, well designed, lasting, and integrated with a technical foundation.

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