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Environmental Policy & Regulation

Environmental Policy & Regulation Environmental Policy & Regulation
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Environmental Policy & Regulation

American Agriculture—like many other industries—deals with significant regulations in every day work. Ongoing changes in policy and regulation can lead to red tape that can interfere with business operations.

HEI supports a wide variety of clients in navigating the complex regulatory process. We know that red tape can quickly frustrate clients and sidetrack them from their own important business functions. HEI works with clients to provide technical insight on environmental issues. HEI has the right staff to help support and advise clients on a variety of issues including land use, land acquisition, public waters, permitting, and the environmental review process. Instead of allowing regulations to derail project timelines, our support can help keep your projects on track.

We also regularly lead and support stakeholder and public groups through discussion to gain consensus. However contentious the issue, we strive to get to the heart of the issues and find a way to move forward to a common ground solution.

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