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HEI has a long history offering agricultural services in the Upper Midwest, rooted in rural water supply and drainage water management by our founder George Houston. Today's HEI continues that early commitment with a firm understanding of American Agriculture and expanded services that embrace the shared values across the supply chain. We work to serve agriculture by enhancing the legacy of land stewardship and food production while recognizing the need for clean water and sufficient water supplies.

As a community-focused firm located in the Midwest, we meld credible water quantity and quality science, natural resources science, economic information, and policy insight into creative solutions across many industries and diverse clients. From our humble roots, our future vision is to serve the agribusiness industry as a thought leader, bringing multi-disciplinary approaches that break down traditional barriers and change the dialogue about natural resources stewardship and agriculture. 

HEI provides a wide array of services that unite under one streamlined approach to create solutions that are both implementable and durable. We help boil down complicated science, models, and regulatory issues into understandable solutions that maintain and strengthen the economic viability of individual farmers and communities. 

Such a large endeavor cannot be taken on alone. HEI’s team is working diligently to build partnerships with agriculture that recognize the need to sustain productive agricultural lands while finding opportunities to improve the quality and quantity of our water. We seek to honor the legacy of our founder by continuing to build trusted local relationships with the businesses and families that have the closest ties to the land and water: farmers.  

Community Partnerships

HEI’s team is committed to several agribusiness partner groups, working collaboratively as part of private-public partnerships to improve water quality and natural resources for American Agriculture. We are excited to support the great work being done to measure and enhance the ability for today’s agricultural community to provide safe, secure, and sustainable food supplies.

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