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Water Quality Month 2021

Water Quality Month 2021

HEI's Water Quality Services

Employee Highlights

Moriya Rufer is a watershed planner with our Maple Grove team. Her mission is to protect Minnesota's lakes as she believes they are vital to our way of life and well-being 💧
Moriya Rufer
Scott Kronholm is a water quality scientist and avid environmentalist. He enjoys spending time in, photographing, and preserving Minnesota's environment.
Scott Kronholm
Drew Kessler leads water quality efforts from HEI's Maple Grove team. As a water quality scientist and active outdoorsman, he appreciates how water quality impacts everyone.
Drew Kessler
Rachel Olm is a watershed planner for HEI and grew up alongside Lake Superior, which spurs her passion for improving and protecting water quality.
Rachel Olm, Watershed Planner


Featured Projects

A priority gaining momentum in the Red River Basin is reconstructing old dams to allow fish passage. Our team is proud to have helped reconstruct three dams that reconnected 20 miles of the Pelican River: Fish Lake, Prairie Lake, and Lizzie Lake.

Click here to learn more about this project.
Fish Lake, Lizzie Lake, and Prairie Lake dams

One of our water quality team's favorite projects is the City of Eagan Water Reuse Targeting project we completed in 2017. This assessment gave the City information on where the most promising water reuse projects are in their area. 

Click here to learn more about this project.
City of Eagan Water Reuse Targeting

Contact Us

Have a project with possible water quality impacts? Contact Drew Kessler to discuss possible solutions.
Drew Kessler, Water Quality Lead