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Water Quality Month 2021

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Water Quality Month 2021

Employee Highlights

Moriya Rufer is a watershed planner with our Maple Grove team. Her mission is to protect Minnesota's lakes as she believes they are vital to our way of life and well-being 💧
Moriya Rufer
Scott Kronholm is a water quality scientist and avid environmentalist. He enjoys spending time in, photographing, and preserving Minnesota's environment.
Scott Kronholm
Drew Kessler leads water quality efforts from HEI's Maple Grove team. As a water quality scientist and active outdoorsman, he appreciates how water quality impacts everyone.
Drew Kessler
Rachel Olm is a watershed planner for HEI and grew up alongside Lake Superior, which spurs her passion for improving and protecting water quality.
Rachel Olm, Watershed Planner
Hannah Rollin is a water resources engineer on our Fargo team who personally values the water quality work that we complete with our clients to conserve our local resources.
Hannah Rollin

Contact Us

Have a project with possible water quality impacts? Contact Drew Kessler to discuss solutions.
Drew Kessler, Water Quality Lead