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Urban Stormwater

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Urban Stormwater

Smart Connections, Proven Results

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At HEI, we pride ourselves on finding smart connections that produce reliable, cost-effective solutions for managing your urban stormwater. Our team is driven to develop innovative solutions to help our clients work smarter, such as automating an iron-enhanced sand filter (IESF) system or creating a cloud-based software tool for tracking your MS4 permit records for seamless reporting and compliance.

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Pumped-Up Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter

First-of-its-kind, pump-and-treat sand filters are reducing phosphorus in stormwater. 

Does incorporating pumping into stormwater treatment projects make it expensive, infeasible, or unreliable? Four stormwater sites with pumping and automation are proving otherwise.

Learn more about this innovative pumping process for stormwater treatment in this story. 

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Analysis Services To Track Your TMDL WLA

Our team provides a package of analysis services that will help you stay on track toward meeting your TMDL WLA requirements and manage your watershed. We'll help you access and inventory your BMPs to report progress, use water quality modeling to calculate pollutant loads and reductions, and plan for future BMPs with HEI's GIS targeting method. 

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Urban Stormwater Project Case Studies

Como Park Stormwater BMP Projects
View project story

Hansen Park Water Quality and Flood Control 
View project story

More Project Success Stories


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Streamline Your MS4 Needs with MS4Front

MS4Front logo banner MS4Front was created by our team to be a comprehensive, MS4 permit software solution geared toward MS4 permittees' wants and needs. Built-in configuration settings and options let you tailor your MS4Front account to meet specific permit requirements and integrate with your organization’s existing data infrastructure.

Other organizations have also found MS4Front valuable for many purposes in addition to their MS4 requirements. For example, HEI has worked with watershed districts to better track, maintain, and organize their cost-share and capital project programs.

Take advantage of workflow automation and digital technology to make this MS4 permit software work the way you want it! Learn more about how you can save time with this innovative tool. For Minnesota MS4 Permittees, be sure to check out our whitepaper.

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Want to learn more about MS4Front? Contact Joe!

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