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The railroad industry has a history tied closely to reliability and consistency, so much so that railroad time became the original benchmark for standardized time throughout America. In an industry that values reliability to such a degree, only the most proven of engineering firms is trusted to provide consulting services when ageing or damaged infrastructure threaten that reliability.

HEI has provided railroad solutions for more than 30 years and has emerged as a firm the industry can rely on, even during trying and time-sensitive emergencies. Our solutions help keep the industry moving.

The rail services HEI provides include:
  • Design and other rail services for Class I, II, and III
  • Track and yard design
  • Track bed stabilization
  • Industrial track design
  • Bridge design

As a multidisciplined firm, HEI also provides:
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Topographic, legal, construction, and hydrologic surveying
  • Mitigation and permitting
  • Construction management