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Software Products

Over the years, HEI’s team has developed hundreds of custom web and mobile applications for our clients. Each time we develop an application, we look for unique opportunities for offering commercial software products to meet clients' diverse challenges. HEI currently has two software as a service (SaaS) products available. 

MS4Front logo
Local governments are in need of a data management solution to manage compliance under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit program. In 2011, HEI developed MS4Front, a comprehensive, MS4 permit software solution designed with MS4 permittees in mind. With this web-based system, permittees can record all activities associated with the MS4 permit and support their reporting requirements. MS4Front continues to be the leading software in tracking and compliance for MS4 permits. 
In recent years, our solution has expanded to other uses. Today we have clients using MS4Front to manage regulatory permit programs, capital improvement programs, and cost-share grant programs. With MS4Front’s expansive custom configurations and integration with Esri’s geospatial platform, this software can be used in many ways to track other related programs that require data tracking. Attend a free demo and learn more on MS4Front's website. 

Drainagedb logo
DrainageDB is a comprehensive web-based drainage management portal to help you manage public drainage systems or drainage districts. Our web-based solution allows organizations to track legal proceedings, inventory systems, manage repairs, report violations, store historic documents, and complete inspections through the integration with Esri’s geospatial platform. DrainageDB also offers a public portal for sharing information with landowners. This makes our unique solution a one-stop-shop for managing information related to drainage systems or drainage districts. Learn more in this brochure. 

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