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Reality Capture Services

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Reality Capture Services

What is Reality Capture?

Welcome to the new lay of the land. A quality, accurate survey is the foundation of any successful project. Reality capture is a term that encompasses the evolving list of survey technologies used to collect real-world geospatial data and the processing of such data into usable formats, such as 3D models and designs. Think of reality capture as a high-end, cost-effective survey solution that goes beyond traditional survey methods. 

Our team has been on the forefront of providing reality capture services that can be used in a variety of applications for our clients across the Upper Midwest (check out this article by Prairie Business Magazine that features this technology and our experts).

This tech-savvy survey service vastly improves productivity, accuracy, quality, and safety throughout clients’ infrastructure projects. 

SDDOT 14A point cloud
Is this a photo? Look again! This graphic was created entirely from data points collected through drone-based LiDAR. 

What Makes HEI Different?

Collection Methods Customized to Your Project

HEI’s team can combine the various collection methods for our clients based on what best fits the project’s scale, terrain, and deliverable goals (3D laser scanning, photogrammetry, mobile and aerial LiDAR). You’ll work with our experts to identify the custom collection methods that will provide the best value in terms of quality, timeliness, and cost.

Processing Power Delivering You High-End, Usable Results

Today’s collection methods capture billions of data points to create point-clouds and other deliverables. However, this raw data must be processed into formats that can be utilized by programs such as AutoCAD and MicroStation. There is no value in data if you can’t use it. Our team can process and deliver the data in a variety of usable formats.

HEI’s team has decades of experience processing this type of data and have perfected a streamlined workflow to provide you with accurate, cost-efficient results for your infrastructure projects.

Learn more about this service in this brochure. 

Comparison of the collection methods
Visual comparison of the different data collection methods. See the brochure link above for more details. 

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