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Geographic information systems (GIS), is a proven technology that integrates hardware, software, and existing datasets to capture, manage, and display a wide variety of geographically referenced information.

GIS can combine many different datasets into one format that users can quickly understand and easily share with others. We use Esri® ArcGIS Desktop Software for majority of our projects, including analyzing water tables to prevailing wind patterns to wildlife population densities. We have seen GIS grow from a fringe technology into the mainstream, highly adaptable system used today.

Our core GIS services include:
  • Data collection
  • Planning and implementation
  • Map production
  • Web GIS
  • Programming
  • GIS analysis

We also assist in specialty service areas:
  • Water resource management
  • Water quantity and quality modeling
  • Flood emergency response and planning
  • Natural resource and environmental management
  • AutoCAD integration and training
  • Local and state government
  • Wind energy

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