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Many engineering projects require large quantities of precision data. Often times, this data is acquired, analyzed, and refined through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. GIS is a proven technology that integrates hardware, software, and existing datasets in order to capture, manage, and display a wide variety of geographically referenced information. GIS can combine many different datasets into one format that is quickly understood and easily shared. It can be used to analyze everything from water tables to prevailing wind patterns to wildlife population densities.

As a result of our growing technology team, heigeo was created. 

heigeo is a group of dedicated geographic information system (GIS) professionals, computer programmers, scientists, engineers, and surveyors within HEI delivering innovative and quality geospatial, web, desktop, and mobile geospatial solutions. The unequalled ability to conceptualize, develop, and deliver geospatial solutions—whether routine, unique, or exceptional—results from the integration of these disciplines providing insight into many different industries. 

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