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HEI's Virtual Booth: Joint ND Water Convention

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HEI's Virtual Booth: Joint ND Water Convention
Welcome to our virtual booth for the annual Joint North Dakota Water Convention! Please enjoy this video that highlights an overview of our water resource services in North Dakota. 

We invite you to explore our website for additional information regarding our water resources services as well as a wide breadth of complementary solutions to serve your water management needs. 

A few items we recommend:

Presentation Highlights

We're proud to have the opportunity to present at this event. We welcome your attendance and invite you to reach out if you would like to learn more or have any questions. 
Zach Herrmann presentation graphic
Contact Zach Herrmann at
Mike Opat presentation graphic for ND Water Users
Contact Mike Opat at 

Contact Us

Our team is ready to serve your water management needs and are happy to discuss any upcoming projects. 

Water Resources - Eastern North Dakota 

Zach Herrmann headshot Mike Opat headshot
Zach Herrmann, PE
Mike Opat, PE
Gabe Bladow headshot Gregg Thielman headshot
Gabe Bladow, PE
Gregg Thielman, PE, CFM

Water Resources - Western North Dakota

Michael Gunsch headshot Craig Odenbach headshot
Michael Gunsch, PE
Craig Odenbach, PE

Water Supply and Treatment

Alan Kemmet headshot Kevin Martin headshot
Alan Kemmet, PE
Kevin Martin, PE

Flood Control

Jerry Bents headshot Greg Thompson headshot
Jerry Bents, PE
Greg Thompson, PE
Mike Love headshot  
Mike Love, PE