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Waste Management

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Waste Management

Each community comes with diverse challenges and unique situations. When seeking waste management solutions, existing population size and density, future growth projections, and environmental concerns are all major considerations.

Decision-makers must make tough choices to best serve their communities. We develop comprehensive master plans with the guiding principle of empowering our clients to better make those decisions. We have developed solutions for our own local communities and others that are almost 3,000 miles away. These unique experiences help us challenge preconceived ideas of waste management. 

We offer the following services and solutions for waste management, landfills, organic waste, and special waste:
  • Master plan development
  • Landfill siting, design, and operations
  • Landfill permitting and environmental review
  • Stormwater management
  • Landfill gas (LFG) assessment
  • Integrated waste management, planning, assessment, and design
  • Construction observation
  • Survey
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