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Hydrogeology services at HEI Hydrogeology services at HEI
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Hydrogeology is an area of geology that involves understanding the occurrence, distribution, movement, and quality of subsurface water. Water is the world’s most precious natural resource, so understanding its movement and distribution is key to preserving and protecting it. 

HEI's hydrogeologic experts use data from bedrock formations, sediments, and soils to provide information about horizontal and vertical flow, recharge, and chemical nature of groundwater. By integrating this subsurface information with knowledge about surface water, a conceptual model of water flow through the hydrogeologic cycle can be obtained. 

Hydrogeologic information can be used to understand and predict groundwater movement, availability volume, and quality. This information can be used to site groundwater wells for public or private water supply or predict contaminant movement from a landfill or hazardous waste site.

Our Services Include:
  • Environmental Assessment and Remediation
  • Groundwater Quality Studies 
  • Compliance Monitoring 
  • Groundwater Sampling (low flow, bladder, or submersible pumps) 
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Design and Installation of Pumping/Monitoring Wells 
  • Aquifer Tests and Evaluations
  • Water Supply
  • Groundwater Modeling 
  • Third-party Technical Review

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