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Web GIS Application for Disadvantaged Communities

Web GIS Application for Disadvantaged Communities

Location:  Tulare County, California
Client:  State of California Department of Water Resources and Tulare County


Disadvantaged communities (DACs) in the Tulare Lake Basin face wastewater and drinking water challenges. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) awarded Tulare County $2 million to develop a plan for regional water and wastewater solutions for DACs in the basin. The County is completing a study to determine a solution to combat these challenges.

The Project

On behalf of the California DWR and Tulare County, Provost and Pritchard Consulting Group (P&P) hired HEI to develop an integrated ArcGIS application. The application used a variety of Esri technologies including both ArcGIS online-integrated and developer edition Web AppBuilder (WAB) applications along with the developer edition StoryMap application. To keep the application up to date, HEI implemented a complex Python script to harvest, manipulate, coalesce, and publish information in the form of map services for use in the integrated application. This integrated application has informative, geographic information system (GIS) interactive pages that show different layers of information, such as water quality measures and DACs. The application has many ways to interact with the data, such as comprehensive map navigation, information pop-up windows, and custom widgets for data retrieval and analytics. 
Community Water Needs Assessment Tool For the Tulare-Kern Funding Area
HEI coordinated and communicated with project partners to ensure all their project goals were met with this application. This included participating in several meetings with the client to review WAB options and decisions. 

HEI also provided troubleshooting support and application testing. The application is now live and is hosted by Tulare County’s Information Technology Division. You can view the application here

Client Benefits

  • An interactive ArcGIS StoryMap where users can customize layers to view specific information.
  • A complex Python script that runs monthly to ensure the data is up-to-date and accurate.