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Watertown Regional Landfill Solid Waste Engineering Services

Houston Engineering Project
Watertown Regional Landfill Solid Waste Engineering Services

Location:  Watertown, South Dakota
Client:  City of Watertown


Following the successful design and construction of a new landfill cell in 2013, HEI continued to work with the City of Watertown to lead a series of planned improvements for site operations.

The Projects

HEI has provided the following solid waste planning services to the City since 2013:

Landfill Scale Design and Construction
In early 2014, HEI began designing a new scale at the entrance to the regional landfill site. The existing scale would routinely break down as a result of snow and ice accumulation as well as frost action in areas adjacent to the scale. Our project team coordinated with scale manufacturers to develop a cost estimate for required equipment.

We then used our extensive site knowledge to generate plans and a design of the improved scale. HEI also assisted the City with the bidding process, preconstruction meeting, and construction observation.

Landfill Gas Utilization Study
HEI prepared helpful information and conducted research, including an on-site assessment of landfill gas (LFG) production through the installation of strategically placed LFG monitoring wells. This information was critical in providing the City with information to consider using LFG for energy.

Our project team shared significant research on the emerging topic and consulted with City staff to determine whether any alternative use(s) of the LFG would be beneficial going forward. Our analysis determined the anticipated amount, including both quantity and quality, of LFG at the site.

Annual Waste Volume Utilization Reports and Analysis
HEI routinely leads an annual project to analyze the airspace utilization of the facility by compiling survey data. This work involves recreating and comparing existing annual survey data with current conditions and updating a living report complete with new cross sections and plan sheets.

Landfill Cell Construction
HEI designed and supported the City with construction support for Cell 6 at the facility, including a new groundwater extraction system.

Soil Waste Permit Renewal
HEI recently completed a permit renewal process for the City. HEI updated existing permit documentation, discovering the opportunity to reduce the final cover section. This will save the facility approximately 100,000 cy of cover soil material. Permit review included analysis of the existing yard waste/composting site within the regional landfill.

Client Benefits

  • A series of consulting planning services have helped the landfill better prepare for operation in future years.
  • Clear and consistent guidance on technical analysis and construction projects.
  • Clear communication and reliable recommendations.