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The City of Middle River Wastewater Lagoon Repair and Expansion

The City of Middle River Wastewater Lagoon Repair and Expansion

Location:  Middle River, Minnesota
Client:  City of Middle River, Minnesota

The City of Middle River wastewater lagoon was constructed in 1979 and since has had several problems with overflowing/bypassing during wet conditions.  In addition, several occurrences of effluent exceeding the allowable water quality contaminant levels have been recorded.  The city has been warned by MPCA to address the problem.  Considering cost and scheduling as significant concerns, the city was required to explore funding options and reconstruction considerations to address their immediate and long term needs.

The City of Middle River retained Houston Engineering, Inc. to determine the source of the problem, develop a plan to address the problem, provide construction plans and specifications, establish a source of funding and assist the city in proceeding through the required funding process, and establish a reasonable long term design criteria for future city growth and use. 

As part of the lagoon reconstruction project, the existing sanitary sewer collection system, manholes, and backup power system were evaluated in order to combine this work into the overall project.  Cleaning and televising of the sewer system in addition to communications with MPCA were conducted to assure the project addressed current and future needs and requirements into the future.