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Stearns County Ditch 9 Repair Proceedings

Houston Engineering Project
Stearns County Ditch 9 Repair Proceedings

Location:  Sauk Center, Minnesota
Client:  Sauk River Watershed District


The Sauk River Watershed District (SRWD) manages several public drainage systems within the watershed. As with many public drainage systems across Minnesota, Stearns County Ditch 9 (CD 9) is an aging system. Although the open ditch portions of the system were repaired in 1987, there are maintenance and capacity issues that must be addressed to maintain its historic function.

The District recently completed a survey of the drainage system before the repair petition, requiring an engineer’s report. The drainage repair proceedings will identify repair alternatives, construction costs, and determine whether benefits have changed. 

The Project

In 2016, SRWD retained HEI to prepare a repair report for the public drainage system. 

Our project team is currently reviewing potential alternatives, including a Minnesota DNR (MnDNR) public waters avoidance alternative. The alternatives will be evaluated within an engineer’s report, which will be presented to the Board of Managers during a public hearing. 

When the preferred alternative is selected, HEI can also assist SRWD with construction administration to ensure that the repair is constructed in a timely and correct manner. 

Client Benefits

  • Regulatory assistance to help mitigate additional effects related to public waters and wetlands.
  • Aggressive schedule keeping the project on track to meet District goals.
  • Good communication throughout a cost-effective repair.