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Southwest Windom Neighborhood Reconstruction

Southwest Windom Neighborhood Reconstruction
Southwest Windom Neighborhood Reconstruction

Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Client:  City of Minneapolis


The City of Minneapolis Public Works Department has an annual program that reconstructs residential street segments in various locations across Minneapolis that are in poor condition and no longer are candidates for resurfacing or rehabilitation. This program identified the Windom neighborhood, and the City retained HEI to provide the final design for the reconstruction of about a mile of residential roadway.

The Project

The scope of the entire project included full removal of the existing street; subgrade correction; new pavement, curb and gutter, driveways, and sidewalks; ADA compliance; public and private utility improvement and coordination; signage; and pedestrian signal improvements. 
The existing roadways were narrowed to reduce the amount of impervious area and promote slower travel speeds. Bumpouts were included to reduce traffic speed and improve pedestrian safety. HEI also realigned intersections to slow traffic, further increasing pedestrian safety.
The intersections were realigned to clearly define the roadway limits and vehicular right-of-way to enhance safety. Grading along 61st Street South and Colfax Lane South will be revised to meet minimum longitudinal slope standards, which required the installation of new storm sewer mains.
HEI’s responsibilities included:
  • gathering and reviewing site data,
  • supplemental survey as needed,
  • public involvement,
  • final design and plans, 
  • assistance through the bidding process, and
  • assistance throughout the construction process
Construction was completed during the summer of 2020.

Client Benefits

  • Improved pavement condition
  • Narrower roadway reduces the impervious surface area
  • Bumpouts enhance pedestrian safety and calm traffic
  • Improved intersection geometrics better define the roadway corridor and vehicular right-of-way to enhance safety
  • Improved longitudinal grading and storm sewer improvements will accommodate grade changes