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What We Do
    HEI's Virtual Booth: Joint ND Water Convention
    Lakes Appreciation Month 2021
    Minnesota Transportation Conference Virtual Booth
    Urban Stormwater
    Water Quality Month 2021
    Water Resources
        Flood Control
        Public Drainage
        Surface Water Modeling
        Watershed Management
        Site Development
        Water Supply
        Planning and Landscape Architecture
        Water Quality
        Environmental Review/Permitting
        Waste Management
            Environmental Policy & Regulation
            GIS Development & Web/Mobile Software Development
            Land Stewardship
            Stakeholder Engagement
            Supply Chain Partnership
            Sustainability Projects & Claim Validation
            Targeting & Building Practices
            Water Quality Guidance
            Water Quantity Guidance
            Watershed Planning
    Geospatial Technology
        Reality Capture Services
        Software Products
        Web/Mobile Application Development
Who We Are
    From the CEO
    Corporate Leads
    Business Sector Leads
Careers at HEI
    Life at HEI
    Open Positions
Recent News
Who We Serve
    Small Businesses and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)
    Tribal Affairs