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Sheyenne River Bike Trail Bridge

Houston Engineering Project
Sheyenne River Bike Trail Bridge

Location:  Fargo, ND
Client:  City of Fargo


The City of Fargo wanted to expand their pedestrian facilities to include the rapidly growing areas and developments in southwest Fargo. An overhead steel truss bridge was removed from operation due to geometric and functional deficiencies. 

The City of Fargo teamed with the City of West Fargo and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) to utilize the historic structure as a pedestrian bridge over the Sheyenne River, linking the cities. 

The Project

Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) was retained by the City of Fargo to complete the bridge renovation project. The City utilized historic bridge funds allocated from the NDDOT to convert the 1920s-era overhead steel truss bridge into a landmark pedestrian structure for the local residents. The reconstructed bridge was 118 feet long and accommodated a 16-foot-wide pedestrian path. 

A detailed inspection and repair report was performed on the existing bridge, and damaged portions were replaced prior to cosmetic enhancements and bridge placement. Due to the age and the lead-based paint of the existing structure, a complete containment and disposal plan had to be incorporated. Parapet style concrete abutments supported by steel piling were chosen to support the relocated bridge. 

The project also utilized lightweight foam blocks as backfill for the abutments due to slope stability concerns common around the Sheyenne River banks. This marked the first time foam blocks have been used on an NDDOT project. 

HEI worked with the cities of West Fargo and Fargo on bridge color, landscape plantings, and hydraulic concerns to ensure that the bridge would serve as a safe and appealing landmark structure for years to come.

HEI and our teaming partners completed all preliminary work, including surveying, permitting, historic documentation, public meetings and participation, preliminary and final design, and construction staking and observation.