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Sargent Creek Stream Area Drone Flight

A drone photo of Sargent Creek documenting damage from floods.
Sargent Creek Stream Area Drone Flight

Location:  Duluth, Minnesota
Client:  Soil and Water Conservation District – Technical Service Area 3


Major precipitation events had caused flash flood and significant runoff in the Duluth area and along Sargent Creek. In many places, slopes were washed out, trees were uprooted, and unstable ground was created. HEI was asked to gather drone imagery and data of the area to help document the extent of the damages and provide insight into what repairs would be needed.

The Project

Drone imagery of the area proved to be both a safe and effective method of gathering data. By utilizing drones, the surveyors were able to stay in a safe area and weren't required to maneuver steep and unstable slopes. The flights were conducted during a season when leaf cover was minimal, giving detailed imagery of the ground beneath the forest canopy.

The client received high-resolution, georeferenced imagery, which was used to create a 3D model of the steep terrain. This gave the client the information they needed to move ahead with a stream rehabilitation project to correct many of the identified challenges along Sargent Creek.


Client Benefits

  • Gathered accurate georeferenced imagery and created a 3D model without placing surveyors onto dangerous terrain
  • Client now has the data needed to move ahead with a stream rehabilitation project for Sargent Creek