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Real North (Ace TrueValue) Hardware

Real North (Ace TrueValue) Hardware
Real North (Ace TrueValue) Hardware

Location:  Bismarck, ND
Client:  Real North Hardware, LLC


HEI was retained to create a site plan for a proposed new hardware store. The owner had a southern location in the community and was seeking a northern location for business expansion. The selected site was reviewed, and several concept drawings were created to determine how the site could be utilized to its full potential, including creating a minor plat to parcel out three lots from the large existing single lot. 

The Project

The site was a great commercial location; however, there were limitations associated with traffic access, topography, storm water master planning, and size to accommodate the proposed building.

HEI’s services included completing a traffic impact study to validate vacating a portion of the non-access line to improve traffic flow into and out of the site; development of alternative concepts to optimize site uses for the hardware store, leasable areas in the main building, and use of remaining property for a viable out lot; compliance with an existing storm water management plan; and construction surveying and staking.

The owner elected to use concrete paving and retaining walls, which simplified provisions for controlling site grading and drainage. 

Client Benefits

  • Traffic impact study to vacate a portion of the street non-access line to better facilitate site operations.
  • Created a storm water management system that complies with an older watershed master plan.
  • Vacation and use of old street right-of-way to expand the development.
  • 3-D marketing drawings.
  • Evaluation of out-lot uses and configurations to enhance the site.
  • Construction surveying.
North Dakota Ready Mix and Concrete Products Association recognized this project with the 2015 Gold Star Award in the design innovation category.