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RDO Equipment Site Expansion

Houston Engineering Project
RDO Equipment Site Expansion

Location:  Bismarck, North Dakota
Client:  Arista Development


In response to growing business in western North Dakota, RDO Equipment made the decision to expand its existing Bismarck, ND, lot to accommodate that growth. 
RDO Equipment owns a 53-acre industrial development that the existing site already resided in. RDO Equipment wanted to expand the existing site to a 20-acre site.

The company retained HEI to help facilitate that expansion.

The Project

HEI and RDO Equipment worked closely with the City of Bismarck throughout this expansion due to the City’s own municipal plans for the area. This meant regular communication with the City and the coordination of underground municipal work concurrently with RDO Equipment’s own expansion. The project grew from a simple site expansion to a municipal project that included new sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main for the area.

The City further agreed to reduce necessary roadway widths in order to minimize wetland impacts in the area.

The site falls within the 1,000-acre Hay Creek Drainage Basin, and HEI completed extensive modeling of the changes in slope and grading to ensure that the new (and existing) storm water sewer systems could accommodate the changes in drainage.

The City and the North Dakota Department of Transportation both granted RDO Equipment easements to complete this project. HEI completed surveying and storm water pollution prevention plans, implemented erosion control plans, and provided construction management. 

Client Benefits

  • Minimized impacts to wetlands through reduced roadway widths.
  • Expansion to 20-acre site.
Aerial view of the RDO Equipment expansion site.