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Kern and Renner Earn Professional Engineer Licenses

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Kern and Renner Earn Professional Engineer Licenses

Congrats to Jennifer Kern and Nate Renner on earning their Professional Engineer (PE) licenses! Learn more about them below.

Jennifer Kern Headshot

Jennifer Kern

Jennifer Kern is a civil engineer serving clients from HEI’s Fargo office. She focuses on clients’ transportation needs, providing detailed designs for roadways and pedestrian pathways. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys exploring the great outdoors, laughing with family and friends, and tackling home renovation projects with her husband Joel.

Fun Facts

  • Pets: Fox Red Lab named Rusty, 4-5 barn cats, and 24 chickens
  • Favorite Food: Anything homegrown or personally harvested
  • Currently Watching: New Girl
  • I enjoy listening to late 90’s/early 00’s country
  • I cheer for the underdog (unless it's NDSU football, Go Bison!)
  • If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why? To be able to communicate with animals because I think they’d have interesting things to say. 
  • How do you like to start your day? A cup of coffee, good breakfast, dog cuddles, and fresh air

Nate Renner Headshot
Nate Renner

Nate Renner is a civil engineer serving clients from HEI’s Fargo office. He serves as both a design and field engineer for various urban and rural transportation projects. Nate is also a licensed drone pilot allowing him to capture high-quality photos and videos of the construction progress of projects. Outside of work, Nate enjoys wakeboarding, being outdoors, and time with family.

Fun Facts

  • Random Fact(s) or Special Skill(s): Great at burning my tongue when drinking coffee
  • Most Memorable Place Visited: Snowboarding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Most Memorable Concert: A tie between Garth Brooks and Shinedown
  • Favorite Food: Beef Brisket
  • Favorite Podcast: Team Never Quit
  • Currently Watching: The Titans That Built America and Seinfeld. "Do you ever 'finish' watching Seinfeld?"
  • Top Destination on Bucket List: Alaska
  • I enjoy listening to Cody Jinks, Eminem, Shinedown, and HEI's Adam Walker’s rap cover of Regulate by Warren G
  • How do you like to start your day? Working out, pancakes, and coffee
  • I enjoy being part of the HEI team because I get to work with great people, be a part of a variety of construction projects, and solve problems to make things better for the public.
Nate personal photo collage
Nate enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his family, such as attending car shows with his grandfather (pictured right).