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City of Fargo Drain 27 Awarded ND Ready Mix Gold Star Award

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City of Fargo Drain 27 Awarded ND Ready Mix Gold Star Award

City of Fargo Drain 27 Awarded ND Ready Mix Gold Star Award
Congratulations to our client, the City of Fargo, for earning the ND Ready Mix & Concrete Products Association Gold Star award in the governmental category for the City of Fargo/Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Authority Drain 27 Lift Stations Project (City of Fargo Drain 27).

City of Fargo Drain 27

City of Fargo Drain 27, initially built for Red River Valley drainage outside Fargo, now faces capacity issues due to city growth, causing floodwater backup. To address this, HEI worked to replace Lift Stations #55 and #56. These stations support storm sewer networks spanning nearly 2-square miles in south Fargo. Equipped with gates to prevent drain backup, the networks use high-capacity pumping to lift subsurface runoff into the drain.

The project, which included removing and reconstructing two outdated lift stations, took two full construction seasons. Due to the risk of flooding between seasons, the existing flood infrastructure stayed in service until the replacement infrastructure was ready for service.

HEI's engineers, Key Contracting, and Kost Materials along with suppliers, collaborated extensively on an innovative design for an 84-inch reinforced concrete pipe trunk storm sewer due to the uniqueness of the required installation. They analyzed various options and settled on a solution: precast reducers, bends, and tee-access manholes tailored for the unique installation needs of the trunk sewer construction.

To install all of the cast-in-place concrete on the project, Key Contracting and Kost Materials scheduled a vigorous pour calendar that included a 598-yard controlled density fill pour and many 150-yard 4,500 psi structural pours. The project schedule was met using two ready mix plants and commitments from the contractor and supplier to expedite the project in a safe and efficient manner. 

HEI's Drain 27 project team with the Gold Star Award.