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Yother Joins HEI

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Yother Joins HEI

Brody Yother Joins HEI's Minot office.

Jared (Brody) Yother joins HEI's Minot office as a survey technician. Brody will be assisting the RPLS with various field survey duties, planning/operating various instruments as well as office related duties such as CAD/Research and data evaluation. When construction season arrives, he will move into a field crew-chief position. Please give Brody a warm welcome!

A Little About Brody

Brody is originally from Cherokee, NC, and has 11 years of survey experience. He is married with two children, a son and daughter.

Fun Facts

  • In his spare time, Brody enjoys beadwork and crafting
  • He performs Native American Dance all over the United States
  • He loves to cheer on the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team
  • His favorite quote: "Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." - Sitting Bull