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WaterFest 2018

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WaterFest 2018

WaterFest 2018
Late this September members from our Maple Grove team, Drew Kessler, Devon Libby, Greg Bowles, and Laura Kaihoi, volunteered at the Sauk River Watershed District’s WaterFest for the third year in a row. Each year, fourth-grade students from the surrounding school districts come to Millstream Park to learn about all aspects of water.

Our team had a three-part demonstration discussing water quality and the water cycle. Starting with water quality, Drew and Greg discussed water runoff and how different practices can clean it up before it enters nearby water bodies. They then pulled out the classic water filter demonstration that has been used for the prior two years. These homemade filters used every day items—woodchips, rocks, sand, and carbon (often found in fish tanks)—to separate mud and dirt from water. Though not drinkable, this was a strong visual demonstration of just how much water needs to be protected and cleaned up.

The second demonstration was a cloud in a bottle. By using rubbing alcohol, air pressure, and a pop bottle, our team showed how clouds form in low air pressure and colder temperatures. The sudden appearance of the cloud kept the kids and adults curious about how and why clouds come and go.

The third, and arguably most exciting demonstration, was the drone explanation and flight. Devon showed off HEI’s drone and explained why we use it on a variety of projects. He then flew it down the nearby river and over a pond to show off its capabilities.

Thanks to the Sauk River Watershed District for letting us share our knowledge with our youth!