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Top Speaker Award at MnAFPM 2019

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Top Speaker Award at MnAFPM 2019

Adam Nies holds his award
HEI's Adam Nies presented at this year's Minnesota Association of Floodplain Managers (MnAFPM) conference and was recognized with one of the conference's top speaker awards. The presentation, titled "Meandering Statistics: Hydrologic Analysis of One of the Nation's Biggest Rivers," delved into the complexities of modeling the Missouri River. One of the challenges includes a series of reservoirs without any available hydrologic modeling data.

The top speaker awards at the MnAFPM conference are unique and different from what most expect an award to look like. Adam's award tells the origin story of Schwan's and includes a small model of the original ice cream truck used by Marvin Schawn, the company's founder. This clever award is a nod to Marshall, MN, which is both where the conference is hosted and where Schawn's got its start.

Congratulations to Adam on this neat and well earned award!