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Ruud Graduates from FMWF Chamber Leadership Program

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Ruud Graduates from FMWF Chamber Leadership Program

FMWF Chamber Leadership Class 16-17
Photography credit: Dennis Krull, 5foot20 Design Lounge, courtesy of FMWF Chamber

On May 11, HEI's Adam Ruud graduated from the Leadership Fargo Moorhead West Fargo (LFMWF) program hosted by the FMWF Chamber. The 10-month program is made up of 40 up-and-coming community leaders and exposes participants to issues that face our region while challenging and engaging them to strengthen the community through service and leadership.

Team Go Green

Adam served on Team Go Green, which partnered with the City of Fargo to develop a marketing plan on the all-in-one recyling initative. You can see their work on local billboards and publications. This initiative brings single-sort recyling to 26,000 residences starting July 2017.

Adam reflects on his experience:

What did you get out of this experience?
Through this program I was able to further understand the workings, issues, and opportunities within the community. It also provided me with the opportunity to interact and develop lasting relationships with other leaders, from all different professions, within the community.  

What did you enjoy most? 
A couple of the items I enjoyed the most was the day at the capital where we sat in on the legislative session and had a chance to meet with Governor Burgum. I also enjoyed seeing some of the “hidden” parts of the community. I gained exposure to places ranging from different homeless shelters to FM SWAT to the Fargo Jet Center

What was something you didn't know before the LFMWF program that you know now? 
I would say the biggest thing I gained from the program was the exposure to the different aspects of the community and the relationships gained from all different industries.

Would you recommend the LFMWF program to others? 
Yes, it not only shows you how [the community] works, but [it] exposes you to current issues. It also provides you with the opportunity to network and build relationships with other community leaders.