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Reiter Graduates from Dale Carnegie

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Reiter Graduates from Dale Carnegie

Thumbnail of Joe Reiter with Dale Carnegie certificate.

Congratulations to Joe Reiter from our Minot team on recently graduating from the Dale Carnegie Course. In addition, Joe was recognized with the Outstanding Performance Award for his report on inspiring others. 

Joe's Testimonial

"I’d have to say that if you are not the most confident public speaker, then this course will put you in uncomfortable situations that push you to improve. Typically needing to give two speeches per week, the class repeatedly puts you in front of a group and requires you to either think on your feet or prepare and deliver a speech for a range of topics.

It also dives into several principals that can help provide a better perspective on the stress and worry that we find in our professional and personal lives. The class gets easier after realizing that nobody there is perfect, and everyone in the group is working on improving something in their life."

Dale Carnegie and HEI

Dale Carnegie is a well-respected training organization that educates professionals across all industries on how to become stronger leaders and effective communicators. HEI has been offering training opportunities with Dale Carnegie since 2018 and has had more than 20 participants. We're proud of Joe and all the previous graduates for this accomplishment and their commitment to professional growth. 

Group photo of Joe Reiter's Dale Carnegie class. Photo: Dale Carnegie