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One Water Summit 2017 Recap

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One Water Summit 2017 Recap

Every year, the U.S. Water Alliance holds the One Water Summit—a conference that attracts water quality leaders from across the country—to discuss ways we can foster economic prosperity, community well-being, and environmental sustainability through water quality efforts. This year, the 2017 One Water Summit conference took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. HEI’s own Mark Deutschman and Drew Kessler attended with a 30-member delegation from Iowa. 

“I liked the community message of the Summit of a shared, societal responsibility to deal with water quality and quantity” said Mark. “Collaborative solutions are key to the most efficient, positive outcomes. It’s an important message that hopefully we can communicate for next year’s Summit.”

In fact, the spirit of the Iowa delegation follows the same perspective. With a diverse group of farmers, city administrators, private companies, and more, finding this common ground is an encouraging sign of things to come. 

Throughout the conference, speakers emphasized how water quality is everyone’s responsibility and listeners are eager to respond to this call to action. As the demand for water quality increases, the importance of long-term solutions also rises. The One Water Summit has become the medium for these solutions to take form!   

It’s become clear that being part of the next groundbreaking water quality solution is in the forefront of everyone’s minds. With 25 regional-delegations of water quality leaders collaborating to achieve the same goal, it’s no question that if you want to improve water quality in your area, the One Water Summit is the place to be. 

As Drew so adeptly puts it, “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the bench.”


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