Engineer Nancy Stowe Shares Her Skills to Make a Difference

Engineer Nancy Stowe Shares Her Skills to Make a Difference
This past September and April,  Nancy Stowe traveled with Engineers Without Borders to help bring to life many months of planning, design, and acquisition of construction materials for a water supply project for a village of 1,000 in Honduras. This multi-year project includes the reconnaissance study, community organization, planning, design, and construction management of:
  • a small dam,
  • sedimentation tank,
  • 25-foot diameter water storage tank,
  • over two miles of pipeline through mountainous rain forest, and
  • a distribution system for a growing village.
The Star Tribune featured an article about this trip on February 16, 2018.
Quoteimage_updated.jpgNancy is an integral part of this team, not only due to her engineering knowledge, but also because she is fluent in Spanish! Combining these skills she is able to communicate difficult, technical information to the local crew so they are able to build this complex water system accurately.
Since this article was published, Nancy has been flooded with support and thank you notes from members of Postcard Underground – and she couldn’t be more surprised at how encouraging these cards are. Knowing that people across the country are recognizing and supporting volunteer work like Nancy’s gives us hope that it will spur more action.