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Move Over Silverlight and Flex, JavaScript is Coming Through

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Move Over Silverlight and Flex, JavaScript is Coming Through


With any application there is a life cycle and that of Silverlight® and Flex® is coming to an end. Esri® has stated that 3.x version of the Flex and Silverlight API and Viewers will be retired on June 1, 2016.

What action should you take?

  • Start considering the switch to JavaScript application
  • Consider using the Web AppBuilder for your application framework

Are you ready to make the switch? We can help!

HEI has already assisted several customers with the migration of applications from Flex or Silverlight to JavaScript. Most customers have taken a cost-effictive route using an ESRI Framework called the Web Appbuilder. The Developer’s version of the Web Appbuilder allows one to rapidly develop a JavaScript application using an interface that requires no programming.

Through the interface you can add functionality called “widgets.” Some of the widgets offered through the interface are print, draw, directions, filter, bookmark, measures, and more. These widgets allow one to create an application and start using it in a relatively short period of time – no longer a long development cycle. 

Choose the service that best helps you

  1. First, we offer training and consulting services to get you up and going. We make sure you have all the hardware and software pieces in place so you can use the Web Appbuilder framework. 
  2. Secondly, we offer custom development services. Most customers need more functionality than what the out-of-box widgets provide so HEI modifies previously created widgets at a reduced cost or creates custom widgets based on customer-defined criteria.
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The transition from Flex and/or Silverlight will need to happen, it’s just a matter of when. If you are in need of assistance when the move happens, we’re here to help.

Download a printer-friendly PDF of our solutions. 

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