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Middle Sauk Spring WaterFest

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Middle Sauk Spring WaterFest

Middle Sauk Spring WaterFest
This past Tuesday members of our Maple Grove team participated in the Middle Sauk WaterFest with the Sauk River Watershed District (SRWD). The SRWD puts on five different WaterFests for fourth grade students throughout the year, and this is HEI’s first time attending the Middle Sauk WaterFest.

Fourth graders learn about the water cycle in school, so our team wanted to reinforce those lessons with physical examples. 

Drew began the presentation with making a cloud in a bottle. Drew had the kids explain the water cycle and how clouds form while he—with only a pop bottle, rubbing alcohol, and a bike pump—created a cloud.
Garrett then took over where the water cycle picks up with precipitation and runoff. He explained how when it rains many times the water picks up trash, dirt, oil, and other debris on its way to a water body. With a handy rain garden nearby, he taught the kids about different filters companies like HEI make to clean up the water to maintain water quality in lakes like Sauk Lake. 

Devon then explained how HEI uses drone technology to clean and maintain lakes and rivers by spotting problem areas with aerial photography and surveys. To the kids’ delight, he then flew the drone so they could see themselves on the television. He then navigated up along Sauk Lake’s shoreline to try and spot any erosion, trash, debris, or other factors that may harm its water quality.
"I think community service is an important part of every one’s career," says Drew Kessler. "The SRWD’s fourth grade education events provide an opportunity for our staff to enrich the education of hundreds of fourth graders every year."