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Mario Joins HEI

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Mario Joins HEI

Mario Joins HEI
Mario Fenu joins HEI as the Iowa Business Development Manager to establish and expand HEI’s presence within Iowa. Mario will lead and execute business strategies focused on the water quality, watershed management, water resources, and agribusiness sectors within the state while serving out of West Des Moines, IA. Mario and HEI will focus on helping Iowa achieve the goals of the Nutrient Reduction Strategy and implement the Iowa Watershed Approach. 

Mario's Background

Mario earned his BS in business administration from Grand View College and his JD from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He previously worked for Flo-Water as Director of Operations and the Iowa Department of Natural Resource (IDNR) managing a variety of projects at the State Revolving Fund (SRF). Mario has overseen $40 million in SRF-sponsored projects aimed at implementing sustainable stormwater best management practices to improve nonpoint source water quality and the aesthetic of urban landscapes while addressing essential flood control concerns. HEI is excited to add Mario's expertise to their talented team to continue to serve our clients' growing needs.

Iowa and Water Quality

Iowa is a national leader in addressing surface and groundwater water quality issues and improving flood resiliency within the community. The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and the Iowa Watershed Approach provide the roadmaps for the state to address these issues.

“Our interest is in providing agriculture and state residents with practical and constructive solutions to show the relationship between the fiscal investment needed, the positive water quality and flood reduction benefits, and the feasibility of environmental goals." states Mario.

"HEI can also provide information for Soil and Water Conservation District staff and landowners not only to communicate where there are opportunities for conservation on their land, but what specific locations and practices will offer the most ‘bang for the buck’ in terms of nutrient retention. After all, the fiscal resources to address these issues are not unlimited, and solutions need to be cost effective.” 

Fun Facts About Mario

  • Family: wife Katie and their 8-year-old son, Marco
  • Hobbies: skiing, fishing, hiking, cooking, competitive swim coaching, and anything with wheels!
  • Random Fact: Mario grew up next door to his uncle who is named George Houston (no relation to HEI)
  • Most Memorable Place He's Visited: swimming at 10,500 feet in Emerald Lake (a glacial lake) in Ansel Adams Wilderness, CA
  • Book He's Currently Reading: Chasing Water Elegy of an Olympian by Anthony Ervin

Mario's Contact Info